Empower Your Partners and Customers to Seamlessly Access Your Salesforce via Experience Cloud

Extending Salesforce Access to Partners and Customers via Experience Cloud At Tenetizer Technologies, we understand that there are instances when it’s imperative to grant access to Salesforce for partners and customers, ensuring everyone remains well-informed and connected. Experience Cloud proves to be the instrumental solution in this endeavor. It offers a powerful platform for partner […]

Uncover Potential Issues in Your Salesforce Organization Using the Optimizer Report

Maximizing Salesforce Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of the Optimizer Report At Tenetizer Technologies, we recognize Salesforce as a dynamic CRM solution. However, its true potential may remain untapped without proper implementation. It’s imperative to assess the robustness of your Salesforce org’s health for seamless functionality. This is where the Salesforce Optimizer Report emerges as your […]

Cracking the Code of Einstein GPT: Unveiling the Unseen Potential of AI

Einstein GPT, a groundbreaking AI innovation by Salesforce, has caught our attention at Tenetizer Technologies. This year, it has revolutionized AI-powered content generation. The incredible capabilities of Einstein GPT and its features have permeated through sales, service, commerce, marketing, and various other aspects of business operations. Upon thorough evaluation, it’s evident that Einstein GPT stands […]

Optimizing Salesforce License Expenses – Exploring Cost-Effective Strategies

Numerous instances of Salesforce projects encountering setbacks have been attributed to misallocated licenses and a dearth of comprehension, resulting in excessive expenditure. These situations arise from a lack of proficiency in optimizing licenses. However, there is a solution within reach. Various Salesforce licenses cater to distinct usage tiers and specific use scenarios, each bearing its […]

Create quick action with LWC dynamically using apex & tooling aPI

What’s Quick Action? In Salesforce, a Quick Action is a powerful feature that allows users to perform specific tasks or update records directly from a record’s detail page, a list view, or a related list. Quick Actions enable users to streamline their workflows and perform common actions without navigating to a separate page. What can […]

Email Alerts are not being sent from Salesforce

Description This article outlines how to troubleshoot when some or all of your Users don’t receive emails sent from the Salesforce application. Users may report that Flow, workflow rules or approval processes emails are not being received from a sandbox or production. Debugging Steps If an email alert is not being sent in Salesforce, there […]

Most Common Salesforce Integration Challenges

In today’s business landscape, companies utilize a multitude of applications for various functions such as Sales, HR, Finance, Operations, and Service to improve operational efficiency. While these applications address specific business challenges, the lack of communication between them creates a siloed architecture, resulting in fragmented customer information. Salesforce plays a pivotal role in resolving this […]

The Power of Microservices Architecture: A
Paradigm Shift from Monolithic Systems

Introduction In the world of software development, architecture plays a vital role in shaping the performance, scalability, andmaintainability of an application. Two prominent architectural styles that have gained significant attention inrecent years are microservices and monolithic architecture. While both approaches have their merits, this article willdelve into the advantages of microservices architecture over its monolithic […]