Trailblazer Tenetizers

goals of our collaboration

We focus on Solution, not just Implementation

Marketing Goals

Increased brand awareness, High rate of Customer Acquisition, High ROI

Business Development & Sales

High Productivity, Rich Pipeline, Increased Cross-sell & Up-sell, exponential revenue generation

Best customer success team

Smooth Onboarding Experience, Increased Up-sell & Cross-sell, Ongoing Subscriptions, Great Customer Satisfaction

Robust Support Team

Low Support Cost, Quick Issue Resolution, Customer Retention, High Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate objective of Tenetizer is to overcome challenges that may impede Business Growth; It goes beyond mere Implementation. Success comes with Collaboration! Let’s do It. Please contact here: contact@tenetizer.com.

Recent Success Stories

Decreased Support cost & increased CSAT in just 3 months for a leading SAAS company!

In this case study, we delve into a scenario where a customer utilizes Salesforce for Sales and Customer Success, and Zendesk for Service.

How Salesforce & QuickBooks Synchronization fixed the financial loss due to manual entries for an App Security provider Company

Learn how a Cloud Security provider company integrated QuickBooks with their Salesforce CRM to reduce the overhead and increased the overall sales processes faster.

How a leading UAE based automobile company accelerated the Sales by integrating Salesforce with WhatsApp Bot

A remarkable tale of a middle-east based automobile company –  how did they incorporated real time sales and quotation conversation and immediate support using WhatsApp Chatbot.

How we helped a Telehealth company by integrating RingCentral Fax System with Salesforce

Technicians using Service Cloud faced a cumbersome process of manually uploading faxes to RingCentral. We streamlined this by integrating RingCentral directly, making their workflow seamless.

A journey of a real-estate company from a poor support experience to a top-notch Customer Support experience using Salesforce Site & Einstein AI

Checkout how Zendesk to Salesforce migration made overall impact on support cost reduction, increased visibility, higher customer engagement & customer satisfaction.

How we engineered a top AppExchange App for our US based Partner

See how the business growth increased by more than 200% after our Real-Estate CRM AppExchange App integrated with Salesforce.