power Knowledge

Content Organization | Search and Retrieval

Mass Management
Mass Draft, Publish, Update and Delete
Feedback Management
Add component under each article to gather feedback by customers.
Article detail page for Digital Experience Site (Community)
Customize the layout and design, add images and videos, and enable commenting
Quickbooks To Salesforce Integration

Data Sync and Mapping | Product and Inventory Sync

Readymade Package For Bi-Directional Salesforce Quickbooks Integration.
Unmanaged Version Can Be Used To Achieve Any Specific Use Case In Very Less Time.
360° Article stats Chart
Views by channel, Liked received, Comment
Sync Products, Accounts, Estimate When Opportunity Is Signed, Create Invoice When Opportunity Is Closed Won.
Pull Reports And Dashboard On The Top Of That.
Force Zendesk Migration

Customizations and Integrations | User and Agent Migration

Data Migration
Migrate Account, Contact, Case, Comment, Attachment and Custom Tables
Service Cloud Transition
Migrate Support processes, Automation, Integration, Data Model and Email Workflow
Enable Service Cloud Features
Omni-channel, Einstein Features, Chatbot and SLA
Setup Customer Support Portal
Setup support community on the top of digital experience and knwoledgebase.
User 360

Quicky Manage | Mass Operation

Mass Operation Tools
Providing tools to perform bulk updates to user data, ensuring efficient and timely changes across multiple records.
User Activation and Deactivation
Allowing administrators to activate& deactivate user accounts, enabling access to the platform and associated data.
User Data Management:
Providing tools to categorize users based on specific attributes or criteria for efficient data organization and targeting.
Data Reassignment
Users have the ability to reassign data to other users or teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and smooth workflow transitions when necessary
Lead Importer

Import Data | Convert

Field Mapping through UI
The Field Mapping feature allows users to define the relationships between CSV file fields and the corresponding fields in the application's database.
Separate Button for Lead Import
The Lead Importer includes a dedicated button that initiates the lead data import process.
Different Options
Lead Import & Lead Conversion: This feature provides users with two distinct choices, each catering to different data management needs.
Import or Convert Data
The Lead Importer not only enables importing data from CSV files but also provides the option to convert or transform lead-related data into account and contact entities.
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Report Sender

Send Reports | Timely Scheduling

Send Report to Multiple Emails:
This feature allows users to send generated reports to multiple email recipients at once.
Easy Toggle Option (On/Off)
The application offers an easy-to-use toggle option that allows users to enable or disable the scheduled report sending.
Search Reports by Folder
The search functionality is extended to include searching reports exclusively within specific folders.
Select Format (PDF, CSV, Excel)
Users can choose from various report formats such as PDF, CSV, or Excel, based on their preferences or the specific requirements