Overview of Freshdesk and Salesforce

Freshdesk allows a company to improve customer service by automating time-consuming operations like sorting through inquiries and allocating tickets. This approach aids firms looking to reduce manual hours by allowing employees to concentrate on other vital activities.

Salesforce provides a web-based customer service tool that includes every essential thing that a fast-developing company needs to provide exceptional customer service. Salesforce enables companies to integrate all of the data of their support system for customer service through email, webpages, as well as social networking sites. It also allows the companies to provide full support by allowing every worker accessibility to instances.Also, companies can provide their information on a personalized self-service portal where users can discover solutions regarding their own queries using the Service Cloud provided by Salesforce.

Freshdesk To Salesforce Migration

Reason for Migrating to Salesforce from Freshdesk

Salesforce offers more to businesses, such as more than 100 integrations and currency support. Whereas, Freshdesk, triumphs due to features such as availability across all platforms and comprehensive customization choices at a lesser price than Salesforce. However, it is lacking in more complex functions.The following arguments explain why a company should migrate from Zendesk to Salesforce:

  • Analytics: Freshdesk offers simplified analytics of consumer satisfaction by using emoticons to measure the effectiveness of a company’s team. Through scoreboard and rewards, it may also turn customer service into a game. A corporation can use this to award employees for efficient performance, these work as a motivator. However, Freshdesk does not use advanced tools or analytics to understand the consumer satisfaction level and the enhanced requirements. Relationship management in Salesforce Essentials gives a company a 360° overview of their clients, comprising their history of communication, prior behaviors, as well as social participation. This tool is effective in evaluating online offers and advertising.Salesforce has a more complete approach to analytics, offering enhanced data that helps businesses drastically improve their business operations.
  • Module of Ticketing: Freshdesk provides a dashboard for ticketing, which shows customer details, including phone numbers within the ticket. This allows operators to contact consumers for critical issues even being inside a ticket. However, the ticketing module of Freshdesk does not accurately handle tickets from multiple channels and does not have advanced tools to solve common questions. Whereas, Salesforce handles requests and issues from numerous channels through its own constructed Service Cloud element. Essentials of Salesforce also lets a company create a self-service platform for their clients to utilize to discover rapid solutions to common questions. Hence, Salesforce has a more advanced approach in their ticketing module which allows companies to address and resolvecustomers’ queries in lesser time.
  • Features: In Freshdesk customer relationship management supports just five languages. It does not acquire a budgeting tool, or convoluted campaign planning tool, also it lacks the feature of business intelligence.This results in collaborative forecasting which is inaccurate and partial history of customers. Salesforce customer relationship management supports seven languages. The dashboard creation capability of Salesforce is quick in comparison to Freshdesk. Salesforce has other features such as controlling versions, a preview of functionality, and supporting all currencies. Further, Salesforce has different integrations of over 100. Hence, when comparing the features of Salesforce and Freshdesk, Salesforce provides a wider 360° view of customers, allowing customers to successfully sell their products while also leveraging sophisticated tools to increase sales. Whereas, Freshdesk offers basic tools with restricted capabilities.

How can Tenetizer help companies in the process of Freshdesk to Salesforce Migration?

The process of Freshdesk to Salesforce migration includes various complicated and time taking steps that require appropriate tools and migration services.Further, there are several factors that need to be considered at the time of migration from Freshdesk to Salesforce. Tenetizer acquires the accurate tools, knowledge, and expertise which allows them to assist companies with specialized migration services.