Uncover The Success Story: How A Real Estate Company Earned Millions With Our Custom Real-Estate CRM AppExchange Product Integrated With Salesforce







A trailblazing real estate giant based in the US, has achieved remarkable success through strategic innovation. By seamlessly integrating their operations with Salesforce and harnessing the power of streamlined communication, the company has surged ahead in the market. This integration has not only optimized their sales and customer engagement processes but has also played a pivotal role in propelling them to generate millions in revenue.


The real estate company encountered challenges in managing its diverse real estate portfolio, tracking sales leads, and optimizing customer interactions. Off-the-shelf CRM solutions fell short of meeting their unique requirements. The company sought a tailor-made solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing Salesforce ecosystem.


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive real estate CRM solution, Tenetizer Technologies collaborated with the real estate company to develop a custom Real-Estate CRM AppExchange product. This product was specifically designed to align with the company’s processes and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, enhancing their capabilities for lead management, property tracking, and customer engagement.

The custom Real-Estate CRM AppExchange product was developed using Salesforce’s AppExchange platform and integrated seamlessly with Salesforce CRM.

Lead Management
Customized Reporting
Streamlined Communication
Enhanced Customer Experience
Revenue Surge

What got changed

The implementation of the custom Real-Estate CRM AppExchange product, developed by Tenetizer Technologies, ushered in unprecedented success for the real estate company



  • Revenue Surge: The custom CRM solution facilitated more efficient lead management, property tracking, and deal closure. This resulted in accelerated sales cycles, increased deal closures, and ultimately, millions of dollars in additional revenue.
  • Optimized Lead Management: The Real-Estate CRM allowed the company to organize and manage leads more effectively. Automated lead assignment, follow-ups, and personalized communication improved conversion rates.
  • 360-Degree Property Tracking: The CRM product enabled the real estate company to maintain a comprehensive overview of their properties. This included property details, history, listings, and interactions, enhancing property management and customer engagement.
  • Streamlined Communication: Integration with Salesforce provided seamless communication channels for sales teams, ensuring prompt follow-ups and personalized interactions with potential buyers and sellers.
  • Customized Reporting: The Real-Estate CRM’s tailored reporting capabilities provided real-time insights into sales performance, lead status, and market trends. This data-driven approach empowered informed decision-making.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The CRM’s integrated features allowed the real estate company to offer exceptional customer experiences. Personalized property recommendations, timely updates, and efficient query resolution contributed to higher customer satisfaction.

Technologies And Tools

The custom Real-Estate CRM AppExchange product was developed using Salesforce’s AppExchange platform and integrated seamlessly with Salesforce CRM.

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