It’s very commonly used Sales process to setup Approval Process to achieve the business goal. But it’s very likely to caught into an issue where Approver does not action within time-frame, so question is can we setup some sort of email reminder for them?

Answer is yes, it is possible to set up an approval process in Salesforce that includes a timeout and reminder email functionality. Here’s how you can achieve these:



STEP 1: Configure a custom checkbox field to track Approval reminder:

STEP 2: Create two field updates to use in Approval Process Setup – one to check this box and one to uncheck the checkbox – will be used based on need further: 
STEP 3: Setup Approval Process
  • In initial Submission Actions > Add Field Update that will true the checkbox. 
  • This field update will trigger the flow that will schedule email notification. 
  • When Approval is accepted or rejected or recalled, we must need to ensure to remove the scheduled notification. 
  • So, add field update that will uncheck the checkbox in all final actions – Approval, Rejection, Recall.
STEP 4: Setup Email Alert and Flow to Send Email Reminder
  • Create an Email Template first.
  • Setup Email Alert
    • Setup >> Email Alert
    • New >> Select Object
    • Select the Template and Recipients
  • Setup Flow
    • Setup >> Flow >> New >> Record Triggered Flow
    • Select the Object on which Approval Process is configured
    • Event: when record is updated
    • Entry criteria as shown in the image.
  • Add Scheduled Path to run after 24 hours (or whatever your business asks after which email reminder would go to approver)
  • In scheduled path, add Email Action and select email alert created in last step.

Final Words

Getting approval done on time is a crucial part of smooth, efficient and powerful Sales process. So, get it done nicely as explained and reach us out if you have any query or need any help to address below questions:

  • How to add Approvers in email alert recipient list dynamically?
  • How to manage the approval notification at different steps of Approval Process?
  • How to recall the Approval automatically if record is not approved within time-frame?