Find out how, with Salesforce B2B Commerce and Tenetizer Technologies’ consulting services, digital transformation is taking a leap forward and operations step up.

The contemporary e-commerce environment is also growing increasingly complex – the B2B e-commerce share worldwide is now more than $12 trillion. It is attributed to the globalization especially in Asia, mobile optimization, personalized marketing, and transition from social commerce to traditional commerce. Speed and effectiveness are important, as detailed information of this kind results in increased sales figures. Salesforce B2B Commerce continues to shine with digital and e-commerce storefronts, advanced AI analytics, and interfaced CRM. Such solutions have enhanced revenues and operations for the clients across sectors ranging from the government to the private one. Many of these are used by the Tenetizer Technologies’ consulting services for various organizations that are aiming for digitalization.

What Is B2B E-Commerce?

B2B or Business to Business e-commerce entails direct selling of goods and services where one organization sells to another such as a manufacturer to a wholesaler or the wholesaler to the retailers. While in B2C businesses sells their products to customers directly, B2B is conducted through various websites that provide sales solutions for complex business procedures with the intention of cutting cost and promoting efficiency. The report also depicts that B2B e-commerce market globally is fairly large market worth more than $12 trillion.

Business to Business Electronic Commerce Market in Context of Growth Trends

Several major trends are driving the expansion of the B2B e-commerce market:

Worldwide Development:
It was also ascertained that the GMV of B2B e-commerce in the world’s economy expanded by 20. 5% in 2022 and the CAPEX is reaching $22 172 trillion.
Specifically, from the year 2020 to the year 2021, the global B2B GMV increased by a remarkable 23. 7% increase.

Asia and the Pacific Lead:
Currently, Asia holds the consideration as the global market has GMV originating from this region and the development of digital infrastructure and vigorous business climate is dominant here, and it exceeds 78%.

Mobile Optimization:
Mobile devices are heavily involved in B2B transactions hence, there is a need to ensure that the details of the goods and services are accessible through the devices.

Social Commerce:
Social media paths have thus become more important in B2B sales as they provide more options to make purchases and improve client experiences and leverage.

B2B clients want to purchase products and services online and expect to get customized solutions; this calls for the use of profiling techniques to address their clients’ needs.

Multichannel Strategy:
Business-to-business firms are slowly moving towards an omnichannel approach and providing their clients with a similar experience no matter if they are using an application or website.

Efficiency and Automation:
E-commerce solutions incorporate the various selling activities hence efficiently managing stocks, orders and customers.

Product Discovery Information:
High importance is given to detailed product information since buyers tend to operate with structured product information.

The given trends mean that to win in today’s B2B e-commerce environment, companies need to track them.

Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B Commerce is business-to-business B2B commerce digital platform that targets firms with massive online B2B operations. Key features include:

Developing B2B E-Commerce
It enables businesses to create websites particularly for B2B clients where suppliers can access the internet to buy products convenient for the operations of their businesses.

Characteristics and Advantages

Digital Storefronts: The primary architecture styles are: multiple themes, fully headless commerce, and a blend to achieve a company’s goals.

Trade AI for Retailers: Provide the teams with conversational AI to handle the shops’ setup and their expansion.

Business Analytics Driven by Data Cloud: Enhance the operation using artificial intelligence and improving merchant’s control panel.

Personalization at Scale: Leverage AI and live data for purchase over multiple touchpoints such as WhatsApp, the metaverse among others with an aim of increasing the customer acquisition and loyalty.

CRM Embedded Commerce Apps: Connect digital commerce in the marketing and sales strategy as well as customer care services.

Order Management: Order management should also be made as smooth as possible so as to have clean deliveries and the best kind of service.

High Uptime: According to the officials, Salesforce was having a 99. Guarantees of a 99% historical uptime and enabling shoppers, two billion and beyond, engage in commerce.

Revenue Growth: According to the customers’ surveys, they manage to obtain a 29% increase in revenue when moving to the digital media.

Acknowledgment from Gartner

Specifically, for the last eight years, salesforce is on the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.
To learn more about pricing and other details about Salesforce B2B Commerce you can go through the official Salesforce B2B Commerce website, For more elaborate information about B2B Commerce you can go through the B2B Commerce.

Possible Scenarios of Salesforce B2B Commerce usage

Client: The big US conceptual industrial products producer with annual sales over $ 4 billion.

Challenge: Old world processes and systems did not support client experience with old back end systems, lack of enough front end applications and isolated data.

Solution: 12 integrations including Transplace, Oracle, and PIM, were developed to integrate diversified custom functionality to the Salesforce B2B Commerce. The changes presented a vast improvement as a means of obtaining up-to-date information, providing customers with the ability to handle their issues independently and placing orders faster.

Streamlining B2B Transactions

B2B commerce optimises orders, stock, and delivery of products or services efficiently through optimised data and IT solutions which allow sales specialists to concentrate at closing deals and can take information about the clients for working in real time, because many routine operations can be taken over by an AI.

Salesforce B2B Commerce helps businesses to create digital engagement, customized B2B purchases, and improve the B2B customer experience.

Salesforce B2B Commerce dovetails with multiple services and platforms for the boost of the general usability. Key points of integration include:

Commerce Extensions: These Commerce extensions include pricing, inventory, shipping, taxes, and other services that were available starting with the Winter ’24 release; the release brought perfect control over the storefront’s features and design.

CRM Integration: Salesforce Integration CRM facilitates the Global consumer dealings, Optimized consumer experience by integrating Artificial Intelligence and advance consumer data analysis.

Payment Gateways: B2B commerce has the feature of multiple payment options to ensure secure and safe transactions based on the choice of the business.

Custom B2B Checkout Integrations: Set up multiple B2B checkout processes using integration to precisely follow the need of the company.

Such integrations make it possible for firms to deliver distinguishing B2B commerce experiences, scale automatically, and enhance operations.


Some of the factors that have fueled the B2B e-commerce industry growth include global markets, mobile factor and social buying/selling. Salesforce B2B Commerce provides anything from advanced features in designing the customer’s individual B2B eCommerce site to utilizing intelligent applications that help manage various aspects of its operations and integrate with Salesforce CRM. These capabilities have been certified to increase the sales and operating productivity among the clients. To ensure that a company addresses the upcoming B2B e-commerce business environment adequately, firms can tap into Tenetizer Technologies’ consulting services for guidance and support. Do contact us for more details on implementation.