Improve Your Data Insights with our comprehensive Salesforce reporting guide

Different Types of Reports Used in SalesForce and How to Make it Work for Them Here in Tenetizer Technologies, being sole focussed on Salesforce products, we are devoid of any compromise on quality and assuring our client commendable operational result by implementing recognized Salesforce solutions. In this blog, I will bringing some insights about how […]

Boost Your Skills with Trailhead Salesforce Training in 2024

The following tutorial will explain what Salesforce developer Trailhead is and why it is considered to be the go-to platform for developers and designers. Trailhead is a complete solution that has interactive trails, projects, and certifications for each of the modules available in Salesforce to enable learners to gain different skills in the Salesforce environment. […]

Why Every Business Needs the Salesforce Mobile App Today?

The Salesforce Mobile App is a powerful tool designed to help businesses realize their full potential. With features like low-code development, AI-driven insights, and seamless integration with third-party apps, it can transform your processes and boost productivity. Explore how Tenetizer Technologies can assist you in leveraging the Salesforce Mobile App to elevate your business operations. […]

4 Salesforce Solutions Every Business Needs in 2024 | Tenetizer

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is critical to get the most out of your Salesforce tools and develop the right strategies to unlock sales force potential and increase revenue growth. These are proven predictions that Salesforce, an outstanding platform for managing client relationships, will be able to advance significantly in 2024. Learn how current […]

Top Tips To Boost Software Performance and Functionality Instantly

The performance excellence of software is of great utmost importance to the firms in the era of swift and digital world today. At Tenetizer Technologies, we have the expertise to help your company improve its software performances by adopting a rigorous load testing, a robust design, a state of the art feeder system and best […]

Transform Sales and Marketing Campaign with Salesforce Integration

While we are so committed to making the business world a better place by bringing Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, into the picture, at Tenetizer Technologies we believe you are the team to do that. Salesforce has a set of strong tools for your team to organize work, acquire more leads, and build stronger […]

Setting Up Salesforce GitHub Integration: 5 Easy Steps

Step through the door of simplified project development and advanced teamwork in one airspace. Experiencing a breakdown of integration at Tenetizer Technologies, we fully perceive the vital role of which continuity holds a project success. The next step is to dive into our comprehensive guide on how to integrate GitHub with Salesforce, thus making your […]

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Flow for Business Automation

Numerous function areas are multifaceted in our existing technological toolkits aimed at simplifying product development and improving user engagement. Saleforce Flow is the new technology here that can change the connotations of the enterprise sector. What is Salesforce Flow? Salesforce Flow is a mighty instrument that allows one run efforts of high complexity without having […]