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The following tutorial will explain what Salesforce developer Trailhead is and why it is considered to be the go-to platform for developers and designers. Trailhead is a complete solution that has interactive trails, projects, and certifications for each of the modules available in Salesforce to enable learners to gain different skills in the Salesforce environment. Regardless of the topic that interests you — front-end programming currency, superbadge, or certification exam — Trailhead provides the necessary tools. Tenetizer Technologies is a certified and experienced Salesforce consulting partner so that by joining us, you have the chance to progress in your career and implement more of your Salesforce skills and knowledge.

Why Trailhead is Power Tool for Developers and Designers

Let’s explore some of the most valuable resources available:

Career Path: User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designer Trailmix

​Great for UX and UI oriented individuals, this trailmix includes topics such as 101 on UX research, using Salesforce CRM and designing better experiences. Some features of Skillpicable include earning badges and points as one masters certain skills.

Trailmix Light Design System (LDS)

Lightning applications are accessible lightning design system on the internet, which is useful for those who want to begin with lightning design system for creating salesforce apps. In this trailmix, you will find courses that teach system design using LDS skills, so that you can design large systems with scalability and reusability patterns.

As one of the largest events of the year, TrailheaDX 2020 is set to bring together designers to share best practices, creative solutions and ideas, new technologies, software and effective practices for businesses through the virtual platform.

Featuring tool demos and design capabilities, this includes:

Lightning Design System Sketch Plugin: How to increase the design speed in Sketch when developing a user interface.

Web Components and Accessibility: Telephone applications have to be developed in a way that they will be able to benefit all types of end users.

Flow Builder: Utilize standard flow components and to implement business processes, use open-source tools.

Setting Up Development Tools

Lets see a step by step user guide on how to install and customize a recommended integrating development environment for Salesforce developers trailhead especially for rookies.

Front-End Programming Trailmix

This trailmix is designed to prepare you for the FCE: JavaScript Dev I front-end development exam. Gain recognition for mastering business components in Apex and using Lightning Web Components to create sophisticated applications.

Good resource for understanding the benefits of earning points and badges on Trailhead

Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online knowledge assessment program includes modules, trails and projects to educate customers on the functionalities, products and optimization techniques available. Here’s why earning points and badges is beneficial:Here’s why earning points and badges is beneficial:

Points and Badges

Some enhancements include – Acquiring points and badges for accomplishing projects and modules. It must be understood here that badges also serve as an acknowledgement that you have mastered a particular skill. The Trailhead ranking point is a total number of points gathered throughout various activities undertaken at Trailhead.


Tasks within all four categories focus on certain topics and therefore, guided learning pathways are formed to address certain themes. Every one of them is divided into several sections with tasks, examinations, and modules. Examples include:

Admin Beginner Trail: Ideal for anyone new to Salesforce Admin.

Developer Beginner Trail: Being one of the implementations of the Force. com Company, this product enhances basics of salesforce development.

Sales Cloud Trail: Now, discover everything from the lead handling to selling automation.


These are individual units of instruction covering topics like:

Data Modeling: Discover best practices of constructing data structures in the Salesforce application.

Basic Security Knowledge: However, make sure you understand the user roles, profiles, and the extent of the permissions you allow for user activity on your WordPress blog.

Lightning Components: Use the basic architecture of the Lightning components to consolidate your knowledge of the foundation of the framework.


Master the concepts via simulations and problem-solving activities that relate these concepts to real-world life. Examples include:

Build a Basic Lightning App: Build the basic program with the help of Lightning components.

Automate Business Processes with Process Builder: While it remains crucial to be able to handle a broad range of high-quality work, one should also be able to learn how to automate simple repetitive chores.


Higher-tier certifications that give a measure of your readiness in specific productive subspecialties. Since it involves a more in-depth concept and application of Salesforce especially in the areas of object, fields, records, etc. Examples include:

Advanced Apex Specialist: Carry out tasks that require optimized Apex code and complicated algorithms.

Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist: Establish charts, tables, forms, and graphs based on specific requirements.

Lets examine step by step on how to register and get started with Trailhead.

Create an Account

Visit the official website for Trailhead at https://trailhead. salesforce. com/ where you get create a free account to start with the lessons.

Select a Learning Path

Depending on your educational background and your career objectives, you can opt for one of several learning tracks that can embrace development, administration or other related fields tied to Salesforce.

Earn Points and Badges

Immerse in module activities and finish them to get badges as rewards. Each module has a specific theme, starting with the implementation of salesforce applications through c communications and security basics all the way to the implementation of a weather application through c.

Complete Projects

Projects are designed to meet real life contexts so that students are equipped with knowledge that puts into practice the concepts learnt in class.

Prepare for Certification

This rule aims at preparing for Salesforce certifications by enrolling in relevant Trails and Modules available in Trailhead.

Orga­nize and Go for the Exam

Take an exam for your certification and to prepare yourself use the Trailhead materials available for your preparation.

Here’s how Trailhead badges, super badges can benefit you:

Resume-Worthy Skills

Superbadges demonstrate prot/ecapability in applying knowledge to solve business issues that are practical and relevant in today’s job market, thus making them highly appealing to employers.

Real-World Scenarios

This can only mean that you will be utilizing your skills in real-like business needs implementation.

Verified Credentials

That means when a certificate is given the superbadge status, it is a recognized sign that you possess special skills, and it is endorsed by Salesforce.

Examples of Superbadges

Advanced Apex Specialist: It is required to use advanced techniques of Apex programming and develop Visualforce pages.

App Builder Super Set: Apply all the assessments that have to do with the completion of the App Builder Super Set.

Approval Process Management Specialist: Show about ways how you can eliminate bottlenecks for approval processes.

Salesforce Trailhead will provide users with a quick guide to achieving great knowledge in Salesforce. There are gamified interactive courses, actual projects, as well as tailored learning tracks that make up for Trailhead, the ultimate tool for Salesforce education. Tenetizer Technologies is one of the leading salesforce consulting partner can assist you . Find projects, programs, modules, and pathways, earn batch of badges on demand, boost your Salesforce skills now.

Let us guide you and become your partner to start your journey with Salesforce. For more details kindly visit its official website of Tenetizer Technologies. Make the next move to maximize your Salesforce career and achieve unlimited success.