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While we are so committed to making the business world a better place by bringing Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, into the picture, at Tenetizer Technologies we believe you are the team to do that. Salesforce has a set of strong tools for your team to organize work, acquire more leads, and build stronger customer bonding for the company. What we are going to look into is Salesforce as the tool that will help push your company to the climax.

Why Salesforce? A Recipe for Success

Scalability: Salesforce’s platform is built in the cloud and it easily expands with your business conditions, so your growth is always an issue of your readiness, but not of the restrictions.

Customization: Optimize Solution according to your processes, starting from lead work until client service.

Enhanced CRM: Get a complete view on sales funnel, conduct advanced sales prospecting, and ultimately improve the performance of your CRM solution.

Seamless Collaboration: Encourage competition and effective teamwork along your entire team.

Data-Driven Decisions: Make responsible selections through complete and in-depth analytics as well as understanding the nature of behavior of customers.

Automated Workflows: Automate the traditionally manual tasks so that your team focuses less on routine work and more on giving their maximum.

Unwavering Security: Salesforce enables your data security by implementing reliable methods that ensure the secure storage of information.

Free your Salesforce power by combining if with other major platforms. Our team of experts can help you leverage powerful connectors to:

Unify External Data: Bring data together from different sources within salesforce, and create a single source record from these sources.

Effortless Data Utilization: Leverage the Salesforce platform to get access to internal and external data, which helps to eliminate the use for manual import that causes data duplication.

Advanced Data Transformation: Have strong skills for building and running sophisticated Salesforce queries that provide more in-depth analyzes.

Unified Analytics: Integrate with Salesforce as well as other platforms that enable accurate analysis.
The Both the Best-Selling and Most Popular Salesforce Connectors That Enhance Business’ Efficiency

Gong <> Salesforce Integration: Utilize AI-derived speech analysis from your conversations to perfect your sales system.

Marketo <> Salesforce Integration: Turn sales and marketing operations around for increasingly efficient lead management and promo campaigns towards a specific audience.

Value Analytics (native Salesforce app): Tease out the hidden sales force customer engagement secrets behind Salesforce.

ActiveCampaign Integration: Sync data and automate marketing funnel tasks for efficiency of marketing personalization.

Mailchimp <> Salesforce Integration: Be efficient in segmenting your visitors and orchestrate your email messages using CRM platform through Salesforce with your customer data.

Acrobat Sign <> Salesforce Integration: Initiate e-signatures, document positioning, and automatic records updates all within Salesforce.

Slack <> Salesforce Integration: Reach out to Salesforce posts, gather instant updates, and send them in Slack.

Stripe <> Salesforce Integration: Integrate Stripe with Salesforce for records sync for easy customer relationships management, invoicing, and figures analysis.

Resource Hero Integration: Enable sales reps be more productive with accurate time-tracking and resource distribution in a complex Salesforce environment.

Asana <> Salesforce Integration: Encourage teamwork between related departments and calendar activities based on sales cycles.

Odaseva Integration: Make a highly reliable backup, compliance for your Salesforce data, and data governance.

Userpilot Integration: Develop ads that are relevant and customized for the user and enter the user data from both Facebook and Instagram platforms together.

Harnessing the Power of Integrations: A Set-by-Step Directions

Identify the Right Integration: Select the adhesive, which will be the most suitable for your own well-defined need.

Consult the Documentation: Explore official sources or, if applicable, look into the integration provider’s guidelines to get knowledgeable on prerequisites, specifications, and limitations.

Verification and Authorization: Acquire required elements (keys, tokens, and any other authentication credentials) from both Salesforce and the external resource. Setting up rules for data provision and editing.

Configure the Connected App in Salesforce: Go to App Manager from app list by clicking on Apps under Setup. Anatomy of an OpenID Connect application begins with the creation of a Connected Application and the definition of the callback URL, scopes, and other OAuth parameters.

External System Configuration: The integrational component constitutes the part within the external system (e. g. Another critical aspect of implementing and measure the success of our digital marketing . Please enter your Salesforce login credentials and authorize the application permissions.

Data Mapping Implementation: Create the data flow out of the systems, consisting of the fields to be synchronized with and a syncing frequency.

Integration Testing and Evaluation: Set a test record in Salesforce and verify that the external system synced correct with it. Test data are both-ways changes.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Making checks of integration is indicated periodically in search of errors or issues. Maintain the relevancy and stability of your credentials in terms of safety. Make adjustments as needed.

Salesforce Re-engineering a Powerful Customer Journey.

Salesforce enables you develop strong customer care circles. Here's how:

Personalized Interactions: Use the customer data for customizing marketing campaigns, sustaining user engagement, and making the overall journey for users a seamless one.

Omnichannel Engagement: Offer smooth interfaces spanning all channels of communication such as e-mail, social media, phone, or chat.

Proactive Support: Predict customer’s needs and address them preemptively without having the customer complain first.

Loyalty Programs: Utilize loyalty and membership programs that are designed and managed to entice customers into multiple patronage as well as become active brand advocates.

Self-Service Options: Another upgrade will be to grant customers access to a self-service portal where they can get their questions and concerns answered through information, knowledge bases, and FAQs.

Having our team doesn't just mean you get Salesforce you get hand-tailored one to your specific business requirements. We can help you with:

Workflow Automation: Automate repetitive tasks for the purpose of team time dedication for development of important projects.

Custom Objects and Fields: Adapt Salesforce to facilitate the capturing of the custom data points that are most essential for your business.

Dashboards and Reports: Integrate the dashboards and reports which are insightful by including the KPIs and operational performance metrics as visible tools.

Mobile Enablement: Guarantee that your agents can deal with and update customer data on the move by means of the mobile-ready Salesforce interface.

Process Builder and Flows: Implement automate processes and workflow that will help you to so easily operations and business logic.

The Future of Salesforce: Innovation and Growth will also be paramount while we Journey.

Salesforce always has something new to offer, whether it is a fresh new feature or simply trying to outpace the competition in offering better sales automation and administration. Here are some exciting trends to watch:

Artificial Intelligence: Using AI, businesses are increasingly personalizing their customer engagement approaches. And of these Salesforce is applying AI technology to recommend suitable products, automate various tasks and personalize encounters accordingly.

Internet of Things (IoT): As the number of connected devices continues to rise, Salesforce stands ready to address so many IoT thing’s data management and thus analysis to form very important inferences from its data.

Blockchain Technology: Intuitive, safe, and divergent part of blockchain technology amended particular applications within Salesforce such as supply management, identity confirmation of customers in addition to many more.

Collaborate with Tenetizer Technologies – A Salesforce Partner  to get the real value from this world-class platform. Today, let’s transform your sales and marketing operations, build more effective experiences with customers, and unlock sustainable business growth for the future. For more details do contact us through form below.