Tentizer Technologies Salesforce Flow for Business Automation

Numerous function areas are multifaceted in our existing technological toolkits aimed at simplifying product development and improving user engagement. Saleforce Flow is the new technology here that can change the connotations of the enterprise sector.

What is Salesforce Flow?

Salesforce Flow is a mighty instrument that allows one run efforts of high complexity without having to write a code. It provides a user experience that is friendly, with a drag-and-drop functionality which allows novices as well as developers to acquire these skills.

Key Features of Salesforce Flow:

User-Friendly Interface: This is made possible by Flow’s simple drag-and-drop interface, which make the process of building respective complex flows easy.

Savings from Automation: During March 2022, clients reduced a full 109 billion hours on a total number of hours that was spent on repetitive processes and slack jobs by means of Flow. That saved a great number of hours, thus people were more productive.

900+ Prebuilt Templates: Explore the 900+ process automation templates via AppExchange, which are industry- and scenario-based on the collection of AppExchange.

How Does Flow Work?

Logic Execution: Flow executes the logic that integrates data from multiple sources, update records when data is entered, and executes products to match a query.

Minimized Development Work: By working on an immediate access to data and cutting the main input the startups have all resources available in almost the blink of an eye.

Declarative Automation: With the help of citizen developers, who can construct an automation flow of diverse kinds with the existing toolkit at their disposal, it becomes possible as well.

Flow Integration: Simplify the task of setting pipelines for the integration of data with the hassle-free activities of multi-user and multi-step operations.

Getting Started with Salesforce Flow:

To begin using Salesforce Flow, follow these steps:

Go to Flows:

To access your Salesforce environment, go to the Setup page.

Under Process Automation, you can tell flow from “Flows” and then choose the Flow from the Flow Listing.



Select the Type of Flow You Want:

Select from given Flow types that are screen flows, user flows, approval processes, lightning components, visualforce pages, simultaneously.


Create a Flow:

Click on the “+ New Flow” button. The next step is to start a new flow.

Choose the type of “Flow” and build the first beta version.


Test Your Flow:

This sample data will work as Weight to test your Flow and watch whether it act by your plan.

Set Up Your Flow:

Instruct to create the start and to define tasks as necessary.

Save and later resume process or transition.


Salesforce Flow is a topganizer that covers process automation and relieves an organization to save time, increasing productivity while ensuring the quality of data. At Tenetizer Technologies we endeavor to equip enterprises with essentials of Salesforce Flow as the business in today`s fast growing corporate world requires to be successful and well informed.

Let´s make bureaucracy, stricter regulations, and customer services easier than before? Contact the involving of Tenetizer Technologies for the first-class Salesforce consulting services.