Migration Strategy

Migrating to Salesforce Service Cloud from Zendesk requires a deep analysis, planning, and execution. The migration can be categorized into three different buckets and corresponding set of actions:

» Service Process (Cloud) Migration

  • Ticket management – different views, different layouts, searching capability, access control setup. Similar configuration as Zendesk but in Salesforce way.

  • Different channels configuration – Email to Case, Case new page in self service customer community, Phone to Case Integration or any other channel.

  • Macros & Workflow migration – Case Status Workflow, Acknowledgment, First Response, SLA (Entitlement and Milestone setup)

  • Trigger and automation migration


» Data Migration

  • User migration along with SSO attributes

  • Knowledge | Article migration

  • Organization & Customer migration

  • Case migration

  • Case Comment migration

  • Attachment migration

  • Some key points:

    • Case Comment in Salesforce does not support rich text, so consider feed or email message too.

    • Preserve the inner linking from one case to another or Knowledgebase.

    • Manage duplicate Accounts and Contacts while migration.

    • Consider Audit field migration carefully – like createddate, lastmodifieddate, close date, createdby etc.

    • Update required field and keep linking of Data with Customer who created it.

    • Maintain the references of Knowledgebase to each other. Article referencing other article in Zendesk will require to maintain the same kind of linking in Salesforce too.


» Service Portal (Community) Migration
  • Configure self-service portal – put standard registration form and login form.

  • Transform new case form along with standard case deflection.

  • Enable live chat powered by Einstein.

  • Customize Article detail page and enable community 360 to gather customer insights.


Harness the power of Salesforce

Enable Salesforce’s powerful service cloud features given below:

  • Omni-channel and omni-supervisor

  • Einstein Chatbot

  • Einstein Case Classification & Routing

  • Einstein Article Recommendation

  • Utilities

How do we do it
  • We’ve done more than five Zendesk to Salesforce migration successfully.

  • We do not only migrate the existing platform but we also upgrade the whole experience by leveraging Salesforce premium features and custom apps if required.

  • For data migration, we have prebuilt utility package that takes care of all corner cases and implication of migration learnt from our migration projects.

  • Prebuilt package + a tons of experience + a full pack of smart enablers – makes us best fit for your upcoming migration.

Next step

We would love to discuss the requirement and suggest best practices for smooth and effective migration to Salesforce. Please reach out to contact@tenetizer.com.