Stripe Syncing


  • Whenever a new Account is created in Salesforce, Billing team has to create a new customer manually in Stripe.
  • ¬†Whenever billing detail is changed at stripe, manually the details are transferred to Salesforce in custom fields of Account.
  • ¬†A lot of manual work and scheduled data correction


  • As mentioned in logical diagram, we developed an Apex trigger with help of batch job to send the new customer details to Stripe.
  • Webhook: We used webhook to capture the changes at Stripe and then publish it to Salesforce. APEX Rest Endpoint is being used a service endpoint that reads the JSON and make the changes in Salesforce accordingly.
  • Retroactive Data Update: We used one time batch job to update all existing Account in Salesforce and created one Customer record for each Salesforce’s Account in Stripe as well.

Please reach out to us at contact@tenetizer to discuss how can we setup it effectively in your org.