In a groundbreaking move, two major players in the CRM industry have announced partnerships with OpenAI to incorporate advanced AI technology into their systems. Salesforce and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 are set to leverage AI to elevate their CRM capabilities, promising more efficient management and analysis of customer data.

The Beginnings of Microsoft and OpenAI Collaboration

The collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI dates back to 2019, resulting in the creation of Azure AI, a supercomputing platform powered by Azure. This platform grants developers and data scientists access to a suite of AI and ML services, tools, and APIs for creating their own cloud-based AI solutions securely.
Notably, OpenAI’s generative language models are trained on the Azure platform, showcasing the depth of their partnership.

Recent Microsoft AI Advancements

Microsoft’s ongoing collaboration with OpenAI took a significant step forward in early 2023. The company announced a $10 billion investment in AI developments, marking the third phase of their partnership. This substantial investment has resulted in notable innovations in Microsoft’s flagship products, particularly Microsoft Bing AI Chat, available from the Edge browser.
Powered by the advanced GPT-4 model, Microsoft AI Bing can now perform natural-language searches, answer follow-up questions, provide sources and citations for search results, and even generate images based on descriptions. This represents a leap forward in delivering a more intuitive and trustworthy search experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Initiatives

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has unveiled its latest AI platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot. This feature-rich platform integrates cutting-edge AI technology to assist businesses across various domains:

Sales and Viva Sales: Copilot aids sales representatives in crafting email responses and generates meeting summaries for Outlook, incorporating relevant CRM information.

Customer Service: For contact center agents, Copilot provides contextual answers to queries in both chat and email, utilizing Azure OpenAI Service and Bing for comprehensive responses.

Customer Insights and Marketing: Marketers benefit from Copilot’s capabilities in exploring data, segmenting audiences, and creating personalized content for email campaigns, leveraging both CRM data and external sources.

Business Central: Aimed at enhancing e-commerce activities, Copilot improves product descriptions for online storefronts, integrating commerce and content to elevate the online shopping experience.

Additionally, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Supply Chain Center to proactively identify external issues and streamline supply chain management.

Salesforce's Integration of AI: Einstein GPT

Salesforce, a key player in CRM, has been actively integrating AI into its products, with a notable recent partnership with OpenAI resulting in the introduction of Einstein GPT. This collaboration was unveiled on March 7th, introducing a new iteration of Salesforce AI Einstein technology.

What is Salesforce Einstein GPT?

Einstein GPT represents a significant advancement in Salesforce AI. Powered by OpenAI, it integrates public, private, and external AI models with CRM data, allowing users to pose natural-language questions directly within Salesforce CRM.

Public AI Models: Generative AI capabilities provided by ChatGPT as part of the Salesforce and OpenAI partnership.

Private AI Models: Internally developed by Salesforce, including those from previous Einstein AI versions.

External AI Models: Users can integrate additional AI models with Salesforce AI Einstein for enhanced functionality.

The key enhancement in Einstein GPT is its ability to utilize data from Salesforce clouds and the Salesforce Data Cloud (Genie), streamlining data input processes and saving time.

Einstein GPT Applications Across Business Divisions

Einstein GPT for Developers: Boosts productivity by anticipating and suggesting code snippets.

Einstein GPT for Service: Automates personalized agent chat replies and generates knowledge articles from past case notes, enhancing service interactions.

Einstein GPT for Sales: Automates sales tasks such as composing emails, scheduling meetings, and preparing for interactions.

Einstein GPT for Marketing: Generates personalized content for engagement across various channels.

Einstein GPT for Slack: Provides customer insights within Slack, offering smart summaries and background research.

Currently undergoing testing, Einstein GPT is expected to offer a seamless integration of AI capabilities into various Salesforce applications, revolutionizing user interactions and data utilization.

Upgraded Salesforce AI Chatbot: ChatGPT Slack

An integral part of Einstein GPT is the AI-empowered ChatGPT Slack, acquired by Salesforce in 2020 and upgraded in 2023 with advanced AI capabilities.

Salesforce claims that ChatGPT Slack can:
Provide instant conversation summaries.
Quickly provide answers to questions.
Assist with message writing through AI-driven writing assistance.
This Slack AI upgrade aims to enhance user experience and streamline communication, competing with Microsoft Teams OpenAI integration.

The Future of Generative AI in CRM

Both Microsoft and Salesforce are showcasing the potential of Generative AI to transform CRM, contact center, and collaboration industries. The focus is on improving customer experience, employee productivity, and overall business efficiencies.

As companies evaluate the integration of Generative AI into their operations, the emphasis should be on finding solutions that enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and increase efficiency. Rather than fixating on specific platforms, companies should inquire about ongoing efforts to integrate generative AI into solutions.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

Navigating the complexities of CRM solutions requires expertise and hands-on experience.
Our CRM consultants conduct thorough business analyses, centralize sales processes and customer data, harmonize data exchange, assist with deduplication and enrichment, and set up CRM analytics and reporting. Whether switching to Salesforce or optimizing existing workflows, our experts provide tailored guidance and support.
For companies considering the adoption of generative AI, it is crucial to inquire about solution providers’ efforts in integrating such technologies. The rapid evolution of services like summarization and the identification of areas requiring human intelligence for fine-tuning prompts indicate a swift advancement in the AI landscape.

In conclusion, the integration of advanced AI in CRM systems is reshaping the way businesses manage customer relationships. Both Microsoft and Salesforce are at the forefront of this transformation, offering powerful tools that leverage Generative AI for enhanced business outcomes. Contact us through form below for more information.