Case Comments and Chatter Feed in Salesforce serve different purposes when it comes to communication and collaboration within a case or record. Here’s a brief comparison of the two:

FeatureChatter FeedCase Comment
Rich Text + Inline ImagesSupportedNot Supported
File while adding commentSupportedNot Supported
Email NotificationOut of the BoxCustomization Required
Mention and Internal Chatter Alert/NotificationSupportedNot Supported
Data Visibility ControlLess, shows some feeds which may not need to show like Status update, Milestone events etc.Simple List with Public and Internal Comment visibility
ComplexityA bit complex – features comes with price 🙂Simple and clean
Real-time collaboration with multiple teamsPreferably better Not bad


As first choice, we would recommend Chatter Feed unless there is specific need to use Case Comment as below:

  • PII data visibility: Chatter Feed may open up some unwanted data to end user, so use Case Comment.
  • Messy conversation log at Case detail in community: If you are looking for simple list of communication logs and your use case is simple one to one conversation, then use Case Comment instead.

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