What Dreamforce 2023 Held for Service Teams

Service and field service pros, you were in for a real action. It was about time you should have been prepared for Dreamforce 2023 and everything it had to offer you.

Dreamforce 2023, the ultimate Salesforce event of the year, was right on the edge and brought a lot that could have taken your field and customer service strategy to the next level. With all the talk about leveraging AI and customer data, you might have been wondering how these would help with your service operations.

We just wanted to share how Dreamforce 2023 was jam-packed days of learning and networking for service teams.

From the service keynote to roundtables and hands-on workshops, Dreamforce 2023 allowed service teams to take a deep dive into the transformation that generative AI could bring along in their sector, mainly in automation, contact center, field service, and self-service.

So, if any of your service team went to San Francisco to be a part of the event, here are 5 things that they surely didn’t want to miss.

Service Keynote: Reimagine Service for the AI Era

Being a part of a service team, you probably asked yourself how you could provide the most productive and efficient service experiences to customers while meeting their expectations.

Now, that was possible with a little help from AI.

In the service keynote of that year, you came across how AAA’s second-largest club, The Auto Club Group (ACG), leveraged generative AI with Salesforce and improved its customer experience.

Learned with Interactive Sessions

Dreamforce 2023 hosted more than 170 sessions that year, giving numerous opportunities for people from the service and field service sectors to learn about new innovations and trends.

We extracted five such sessions that surely sparked some innovative ideas and thoughts to build your unique customer service strategy.

Is Your Customer Service Data Strategy Ready for AI?

Bring Your Field Teams to the Future with AI-first Field Service

Build a Unified Service Experience with Automation

How AI Would Reshape Your Contact Center

Service is Now a Whole Lot Smarter with Einstein and Data

Service Keynote: Reimagine Service for the AI Era

With Dreamforce, we got a chance to collaborate with your peers at Service Lodge. We worked on networking, connected with solution engineers of Salesforce, and even paid attention to hands-on workshops to learn what was trending in service.

This was our go-to place if you wanted to solve existing service challenges and gain inspiration to enhance your customer service strategy.

Service Campground: Your Chance to See Service AI in Action

This was our one-of-a-kind experience in which you went on an amazing road trip through miniature San Francisco and saw generative AI in action.

We could even play the “Service Jam” game and found out how AAA – ACG had been making the most of the power of AI and saving costs while improving customer service.

Dreamfest 2023

Were you a party person? Even if you weren’t, Dreamfest got you pumped up. It was your chance to be part of an epic live concert by Foo Fighters, benefiting the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

Concert, DJ, food, sponsors, what else could have been better!

Service Community: Were Ready for the Event of the Year

Dreamforce 2023 was not even 2 weeks away, so it was high time to get your expectations set and plan everything you’d like to cover in those three amazing days.

From Service Cloud, best practices to catching the AI-first product innovations in action, you were ready to experience the service trends that took over the world.


From Service Cloud, best practices to catching the AI-first product innovations in action, you were ready to experience the service trends that took over the world.
In conclusion, Dreamforce 2023 proved to be a transformative experience for service professionals and field service experts. The event provided a platform to delve into the potential of generative AI, particularly in areas such as automation, contact center operations, field service management, and self-service solutions. Attendees gained invaluable insights from sessions, workshops, and keynotes, discovering how AI can revolutionize customer service strategies.

For the latest advancements in AI services and tailored solutions to amplify your service strategies, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at contact@tenetizer.com. Our experts are dedicated to helping you harness the full potential of AI in your service operations