As the much-anticipated spring approaches, Salesforce is gearing up to introduce a plethora of enhancements for one of its core products – Nonprofit Cloud. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest innovations set to redefine how nonprofit organizations operate, thanks to the Spring 2024 release.

1. Seamless 3rd-Party Integrations with Fundraising

The Spring 2024 release brings the Business Process API, allowing Salesforce users to effortlessly integrate third-party applications with Fundraising in Nonprofit Cloud. This strategic investment streamlines integrations, empowering users with the FundraisingAccess permission set to manage integrations efficiently and reduce ownership costs. Key functionalities include matching or creating donor records, handling payment data for external gifts, and submitting comprehensive donation data in a single payload.

Explore the full suite of new and updated Connect APIs in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

2. Streamlined ROI Measurement for Recurring Gifts

Users with the FundraisingAccess permission set can now attribute revenue from gift commitments across multiple campaigns, facilitating the measurement of long-term ROI for upgraded recurring gifts. This enhancement allows for the allocation of transactions proportionally to influencing campaigns, enabling accurate ROI calculations for recurring donations.

3. Automated Generation of Outreach Source Code URLs

In the Salesforce Spring ’24 release, digital fundraisers with FundraisingAccess permissions can automate the generation of unique URLs with custom UTM parameters for cross-channel sharing. This feature streamlines the process, enabling tracking of online donations to their outreach sources and assessing the effectiveness of digital campaigns.

4. Enhanced Campaign Attribution for Upgraded Recurring Donation Revenue

Introducing a new entity to track and chronicle changes to a Gift Commitment, attributing each modification to its source campaign or code. This includes a new roll-up that calculates Attributed Revenue for both the Campaign and Source Code, empowering fundraisers to make more informed investment decisions based on granular outreach performance.

5. Improved Payment Data Tracking

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud users can now streamline donor support requests and simplify accounting reconciliation by enhancing payment data tracking methods. This covers payment method details, transaction fees, and gateway and processor metadata, ultimately facilitating easier management of integrations with independent software vendors and payment gateways.

6. Personalized Donor Portals in Experience Cloud

With the Spring Release ’24, nonprofits can create personalized Donor Portals within Experience Cloud. This feature allows donors to not only view contact information but also access their donation history and active recurring donations through fundraising entities.

7. New and Enhanced Objects in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

The release introduces several new objects, including PaymentInstrument, GiftCmtChangeAttrLog, UTM fields in FundraisingConfiguration, and additional fields in OutreachSourceCode, GiftEntry, GiftRefund, GiftCommitmentSchedule, GiftTransaction, and OutreachSummary. These objects enhance efficiency and provide detailed insights for better management.

8. CSV File Import Feature

Nonprofit users can now efficiently import large volumes of data into Salesforce using CSV files. This method supports data uploads to both standard and custom objects, providing users with the Basic CSV Data Import permission the ability to execute imports easily. The feature includes auto-mapping of CSV file columns to closely matched Salesforce object fields, with an option to modify and save mappings for future use.

Managed Services

Duplicate Contact Management in NPSP
Starting Spring ’24, users can efficiently review, choose, and merge potential duplicate contacts using the NPSP Potential Duplicates Lightning Web Component. This directs users to the NPSP Contact Merge page, effectively replacing the standard Potential Duplicates component.
Security Enhancements for Volunteers in Salesforce
Volunteers for Salesforce receive security updates to enhance overall system security.


In conclusion, staying abreast of these advancements and fully leveraging their capabilities can substantially enhance the efficiency and impact of nonprofit endeavors within the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether it’s integrating third-party applications, measuring ROI, or enhancing donor portals, the Spring ’24 release brings a host of features to elevate nonprofit operations. If you have any questions or wish to optimize your Salesforce instance for fundraising, grantmaking, and donation management activities, our team is here to help. Our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud services include custom field and object creation, data mapping, reporting customization, third-party system integration, and more. Let us help you maximize the potential of Salesforce for your nonprofit organization’s success. Contact us through form below for more information.