Salesforce, a versatile platform for streamlining business operations, sometimes poses challenges for its users. By surveying current users, I’ve identified prevalent worries and proposed solutions to address these concerns effectively.

1. Hitting Limits

Challenge: Approximately 46% of users face issues related to hitting limits in Salesforce.


Apex Governor Limits:
Optimize CPU time by avoiding complex calculations.

Review and optimize loops to minimize CPU consumption.

Implement asynchronous processing using queueable/future and batch Apex methods.

Heap Size Limit:
Use efficient data structures.

Minimize variable creation and limit the size of collections.

Dispose of unused resources promptly.

Consider asynchronous processing for lengthy tasks.

API Request Limits:
Utilize Composite or sObject Tree REST resources to optimize API calls.

Replicate data through scheduled jobs using Bulk API for less critical integrations.

Follow Salesforce’s API best practices for your specific use case.

2. Storage Limits

Challenge: As data volume increases, the time required for operations grows, necessitating optimization.


File Storage:

Organize files in folders for efficient management.

Embrace file collaboration and version control.

Regularly review and manage old files.

Data Storage (Large Data Volumes – LDVs):

Archive unnecessary data to reduce storage.

Use mashups and selective queries for efficient data handling.

Adopt best practices for deployments with LDVs.

3. Bugs Caused by Customization

Challenge: Custom-developed Salesforce solutions may encounter bugs, affecting functionality.


Implement source control with Git for versioning and release strategy.

Embrace source-driven development with Salesforce DX.

Follow coding guidelines and best practices, including robust unit testing.

Establish an efficient environment strategy for development and operations.

Conduct peer code reviews, static code analysis, and automated regression testing.

Make frequent, granular releases with CI/CD practices.

4. Underused Subscription Features

Challenge: Users might overlook or underutilize purchased licenses and features.


Assess the company information page in the setup menu to identify underused licenses.

Engage a Salesforce administrator to optimize the toolset.

Explore and implement features like Einstein Bots, Knowledge Articles Recommendations, and others.


Addressing common concerns in Salesforce requires a proactive approach. By optimizing code, understanding storage management, minimizing bugs, and fully utilizing subscriptions, users can ensure a seamless Salesforce experience. Regular assessments and staying informed about Salesforce’s evolving features are vital for harnessing the platform’s full potential. Remember, a well-optimized Salesforce instance contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of an organization’s processes. Contact us through form below for more details on salesforce implementation in your business.