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Salesforce is CRM platform that provides all the tools required to find new customers, make deals go faster and keep pre-existing customers happy. Getting into some of the features of Salesforce, one should note the capabilities of the Lead Management, scoring of leads, and integration of external data that enhance the sales funnels and works as a help to increase the conversion rates. This includes Lead Points such as Einstein Leads Points, Scoreboard, and Personalized Score, and Data Security/Privacy Standards. Continue reading below to learn more how Salesforce can help strengthen your sales process and boost your business.

Salesforce is an online customer relationship management (CRM) tool that provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance their operations:

Locate Additional Prospects: Some of the ways that companies can benefit from Salesforce are that it compiles and manages leads so that businesses can sell to new clients.

Close More Deals: It simplifies the sale processes, automates job execution, and enables organizations to predict how long it would take to close a transaction.

Engage with Customers: Customer communication is made easy through Salesforce since the company can reach out to its consumers personally while at the same time catering for many.

Salesforce provides customer relationship management software for selling, marketing, and servicing, integrated into a single app; it consolidates data streams from various sources. It also encompasses artificial intelligence and provides distinct services for business development to help organizations reach their goal.

Lead management can be explained as supervision of potential consumers from the period they first interact with the business to the time they finally purchase products from the business: it enhances the efficiency of the sales funnel and conversion. Here are the essential steps in a successful Salesforce lead management process:

Gather Leads: Begin by gathering raw leads, where raw leads refer to the first set of data that you have gathered before filtering out undesirable information. These are the people who have displayed a desire to engage with your business through your product offerings.

Clean the Leads: Common approaches include removing dups, standardizing data inputs, eradicating inaccuracies and any ambiguity that might be present within the leads.

Score the Leads: Leads can be assigned scores as per the data derived from their interaction level, and dependency on information that is of interest in identifying and categorizing the target prospect. This serves as a basis for the classification of leads so that further actions can be taken depending on the classification.

Develop the Leads: Follow up the first communication with regular email and telephone communication to keep the prospect interested and engaged over a long period. You should respond to their issues, provide content that is related to their concerns and, therefore, gain their trust.

Assign the Leads: Distribute leads to the concerned salespeople depending on some factors like the geographical area of operation, specialization, and the number of leads they can handle at a given time.

Convert the Leads: If a visitor wants to be considered for a sale (for example, based on the visitor’s mood), it is possible to transfer a lead to an opportunity, which will move it from the marketing to the sales phase.

Assess Efficacy: Streamline and evaluate to identify how healthy your lead management process is. Quantify conversion rates, To manage fill rate a method of tracking of conversion rates to determine new bottlenecks that demand changes.

Best Practices on Applying Analytics to Automate Lead Scoring in Salesforce

The automation of lead scoring in Salesforce creates better results in terms of lead scoring accuracy and efficiency. Here are some methods:

Einstein Lead Scoring:

What: Intuitive tool that applies data science and machine learning algorithms to identify which leads have higher chances of converting.

How: It evaluates previous leads with an ability to rate new leads based on its relation to the converted ones using the categories of lead details, department, and job title. It is then analyzed on a daily basis however, the data is recalculated once after every ten days in order to stay updated.

Availability: Functionality is available for use starting with version Sales Cloud Einstein in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Engagement-Based Point Distribution:

What: Automatically assigns the leads to specific campaigns with the help of lead scores and engagement programs based on interaction (email opens, website visit, etc).

How: Leads that get scores are grouped to determine their new lead statuses, for instance cold, warm or hot lead in the context of actual engagement.

Personalized Scoring Schemes:

What: When scoring, he uses a company-specific scoring system that has been established based on various parameters (for example, industry, performers’ behavior, and/or demographics).

How: Works with marketers and sales people to gather data, establish, execute, and maintain alert points, scripts, workflows, and controls.

Ensuring that Your Lead Score is Integrated with External Data

Lead scoring that incorporates the external data is more effective because it offers a more accurate representation of the issues you might encounter when interacting with a specific lead. Here’s how:

Third-Party Data Enrichment:

What: Enrichment data obtained from third parties, including information about the users collected by other organizations, as well as intent data, which also reflect users’ willingness to purchase something based on their internet interactions.

Sources: Some of the sources where asking for business data is possible include; Market research websites, Social networks; Face book and linked in, Business websites, and external vendors.

Benefits: Complements existing lead sources, but also provides more complete information about leads as well as enhances lead scoring.

Accurate Lead Evaluation:

How: Many apps integrate third-party data to first-party data to enhance lead scores through matching against users previously recorded on one’s CRM by attributes or behavior.

Protecting A Data Privacy And Security When Using Outside Data

Integrating external data often involves handling important information that can be sensitive; thus, data privacy requires one to ensure that no such information is exposed to unauthorized individuals. Follow these best practices:

Data Anonymization: Ensure that there is no disclosure of any personal information by redacting all personal details from the data. This includes customer’s and company’s name, address, social securit number, etc; Thus, by applying anonymization one can analyze the data and at the same time ensure that the individuals have been protected from disclosing their identity.

Data Encryption: Secure data in transit and non-transit or in other words, encrypt activated and passive data. Encrypt the transferred data through secure ways like the HTTP district to decrease the risks of unauthorized wiretapping.

Access Control: Some of the measures to take to enhance security include: limiting the use of data from other external sources to only those who have the authority to access them. Whenever possible, apply restrictions derived from role-based access control to prevent full data access or to restrict amendment permissions.

Regular Security Assessments: Lastly, perform periodic reviews of implemented security measures if there are any gaps to determine the level of exposure and take necessary actions immediately.

Team Training: Share best practices for data privacy policies with existing staff, ensure proper external data handling.

This is especially important in structuring a strong data privacy regulation so that clients are guarded, and the insights garnered from third party data are not lost.

The following are strategies that can be adopted during the management of leads, the application of these strategies in combination with the features that are offered through Salesforce improves the efficiency of businesses and contributes to their performance: I therefore wish to express our commitment as a marketing firm that aims at helping you achieve great feats through Tenetizer technologies’ solutions and advisory services. Do contact us for more details on implementation.