Converting A Lead To A Contact In Salesforce

Every nonprofit organization depends on its donors to stay alive. Finding possible allies (Leads) is important, but maintaining those connections is essential to long-term success. You can create a strong contributor base by making the process of turning these prospective donors into engaged Contacts easier with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

The Importance of Converting Leads to Contacts in NPSP:

You can follow this guide to learn how to convert Leads to contacts in NPSP step-by-step. Converting leads to contacts in Salesforce NPSP is crucial for nurturing donor relationships and fostering engagement. It allows nonprofits to track interactions, manage contributions, and personalize communications effectively. You may turn those early contacts into meaningful relationships with the advocates of your organization by following these steps.

Getting Ready (Optional) for Conversion:

Fine-Tuning Your Data: Make sure the fields in your Lead data are accurately mapped to the relevant Contact fields for a smooth conversion. Field maps can be updated and reviewed in advance to do this.

Step-by-Step Guide Of How to Convert a Lead to a Contact in Salesforce:

Locating Your Lead: Go to the “Leads” page and click on the particular Lead record that has to be converted.

Starting the Conversion Process: Find and click the “Convert” button in the upper right corner of the Lead record page.

Tailoring Your Novel Contact: You will see a number of configuration choices for the new Contact record on the conversion page. Now let’s explore these possibilities:

Creating a Connection: Choose a method for creating the Contact record.

Establishing a New Ally: This process creates a new Contact record and matching Household Account for each individual donor. As an alternative, if appropriate, you can associate the Contact with an already-existing Organizational Account.

Merging with an Existing Friend: When a Lead’s email address or complete name match an existing Contact, NPSP will look for them automatically. You can choose the most pertinent Contact to combine the Lead with if matches are identified.

Linking the Account: Establish the connection between the Contact and an Account:

Establishing a Household Account: This option creates a new Household Account for the Contact and is best suited for individual donations.

Getting Close to a Current Partner: If the Lead’s business is in line with an already-existing Organizational Account in Salesforce, choose this.

Establishing a New Partner Account: This uses the Lead’s business details to establish a new Organizational Account. (Note: Should you decide to combine the Lead with an already-existing Contact, this option will vanish.)

Not required: Creating Affiliations: (suitable for certain cases) This part enables you to create a link between the Contact and an Account:

Establishes a connection between the contact and an active organizational account.

Establishing a New Partner Account and Affiliation: Connects the Contact to a newly created Organizational Account.

Opportunity Creation (Optional): Enter the Opportunity name here if you would want to create a new Opportunity (Donation) record for the converted Contact.

To enable this option, deselect the “Do not create a new Opportunity upon conversion” checkbox.

Converted Status: Based on the Leads procedure in your company, choose the relevant Converted Status value.

Complete the Conversion: To finish the lead conversion process, click “Convert”.


At this point, Salesforce will show the newly combined or converted Contact record. In the event that you chose to establish a new Opportunity, it is easily found on the Contact page under the “Donations” related list.


Converting leads to contacts in Salesforce NPSP is a fundamental step in building lasting relationships with donors and supporters. By following best practices, utilizing automation tools, and leveraging Salesforce NPSP’s capabilities, nonprofits can enhance donor engagement, smooth processes, and drive long-term success.

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