Elevate Your Salesforce Experience with Winter ’23 Release - Highlights for Developers


As our Trailblazer community gathered for this grand reunion last month, we at Tenetizer Technologies were excited to share the latest and greatest in the Winter ’23 release. Days may be a tad shorter, but the excitement was boundless. And yes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or maybe Permission Set Licenses for the Salesforce enthusiasts!) were making a comeback on menus near and far.

Learning Made Easy with Learn MOAR

With each new release, there’s a wealth of amazing functionality to explore. To make things easy, we’ve wrapped it up in a digestible format. Here’s how you can dive in:
Trailhead Trailmixes:
Start by delving into the Trailhead trailmixes tailored for both admins and developers. They’re packed with key release highlights.
Daily Blogs:
Follow us this week as we roll out daily blogs, spotlighting all the fantastic new features on both the Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Admin blogs.
Trailmix Completion:
Follow and complete a Learn MOAR Winter ’23 trailmix for admins or developers by November 30, 2022, 11:59 pm PT, and earn a special community badge. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win one of five $200 USD Salesforce Certification vouchers!

What's Now Generally Available

In the Winter ’23 release, developers have a lot to be excited about. Here are some features that are now Generally Available:
We’ve been thrilled to share our work on the new Salesforce GraphQL API over the past few months, and it’s now officially Generally Available! This API allows you to page, filter, and order your UI API exposed sObjects. It’s highly performant, scalable, and grants you the power to query precisely the data you need in one request.
Quick Clone for Sandboxes on Hyperforce
Say goodbye to lengthy sandbox copy times! Hyperforce introduces Quick Clone for Developer and Developer Pro Sandboxes, making clone times significantly faster. This means quicker copy times for individual developer environments and QA, optimizing sandbox use in your CI pipelines, and shorter release cycles overall
Event Relay for AWS
Following the GA of the Pub Sub API, which simplifies event publishing and consumption across Salesforce, we’re extending event-driven architectures to AWS. The Event Relay for AWS allows you to publish events to Amazon EventBridge without the need for custom-coded listeners or middleware.
DevOps Center (Beta)
DevOps Center, currently in Beta, is a low-code change and release management solution. It offers a convenient abstraction over GitHub branches and typical Git-based workflows, making release management more accessible to teams.

Feature Enhancements: Elevate Your Development Experience

Salesforce Connect Adapter for Amazon Athena

For avid Amazon Athena users, we’ve got some thrilling news! We’re further strengthening our partnership with AWS, and we’re delighted to announce that now you can seamlessly access data managed by Amazon Athena right from within Salesforce. No need to set up middleware. Enjoy the same exceptional External Object experience for structured data stored in Amazon S3. This means you can leverage Reports and Dashboards with External Objects exposed through Athena, and access Athena data using SOQL and Apex, all without the need for DML operations.

New Standard Component: Empowering Screen Flows in LWC

You must be probably familiar with our Flow. We’re thrilled to introduce the lightning-flow component! Now, embedding your Screen Flows in LWCs is a breeze. What’s even better? You have the power to customize its behavior, from unique finishing touches to tailored styling. Here’s an example of embedding a customer survey Flow:

Beta Feature: Mixed Shadow Mode
For those unfamiliar with this, Mixed shadow mode allows LWCs to leverage the native shadow DOM even when the synthetic shadow polyfill is applied (as seen in older versions of Microsoft Edge). This empowers developers to simplify testing and building by harnessing the speed and efficiency of native shadow wherever possible, all while paving the way for a graceful transition to native shadow in the future. .
					// native.js
import { LightningElement } from 'lwc';

export default class NativeComponent extends LightningElement {
    static shadowSupportMode = 'any';

Enhanced Site Deployments in Experience Cloud
Attention all Experience Cloud builders! We’re introducing the ability to upgrade your site deployments with new Metadata API types. This means you can now use familiar commands to deploy LWR sites programmatically, treating content as metadata. The result? Streamlined site management with organized workspaces and content types.
Apex SDK for Slack (Beta)
For those building for Slack, we have exciting news! The Apex SDK for Slack is now in Beta. This means teams can leverage their existing Apex skills to create custom experiences in Slack, without the need to master Block Kit or set up and maintain middleware connections. This Beta release also brings streamlined management of internal and external users, giving you greater control over data access within the new UIs you deliver.

Introducing Code Builder (Beta)

Last but certainly not least, we’re thrilled to announce the Beta release of Code Builder! This modern, Salesforce-optimized IDE can be accessed right from your browser. Developers and admins now have the flexibility to use our Salesforce VS Code Extensions for desktop VS Code, or deploy a fully-featured, pre-configured development environment in their browser, directly from their org.

Final Words

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