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Recently, Salesforce has released a feature called an extend limit that enables a user to add more custom objects to the organization. This update is especially beneficial for many businesses as it gives benefits to more complex businesses with regard to the data models used and high complexity of customization.

Managing custom objects, especially the addition of new objects to Salesforce
This means that one can only have a maximum of ten Custom Objects and twenty Hyper RoS based on the edition one is using.

Here’s a breakdown of the default custom object limits across different Salesforce editions:

Essentials: 0 custom objects

Professional: Custom object creation limits: Up to 50

Enterprise: To the line number 500, up to 200 custom objects

Unlimited and Performance: Three custom object tables up to 2000

Developer: It is possible to create up to 400 custom objects specifying their name, label, and type.

Notable Advantages of a Higher Quantity of Custom Objects

1. Scalability

Enhances business advantage involving capability to handle complex and broad data models in the growth of business.

2. Customization

Allows for a greater level of configurability that is task-specific but does not cause any loss of functionality.

3. Efficiency

Optimizes data storage as it helps to organize data finer-segmented and structured.

Real-World Applications

1. Complex Sales Processes

Another useful approach to complexity is to maintain detailed sales information by using specific custom objects that may focus on the sale stages or products.

2. Service Management

Extend the service management by creating objects for numerous services types or issues that could occur.

3. Project Management

Capture project related detailed metrics and prodigious KPIs using project specific custom objects.

Now, turning to the set of tactics designed to help clients raise the limits of customized objects, it is necessary to single out the following ones:

Audit Custom Objects

Check for disgruntled users who utilize custom objects in an ineffective or inefficient manner. There is typically a benefit of minimizing the number of objects within a custom namespace through scheduled auditing and clean up activities.

Consolidate Custom Objects

Where possible, aggregate multiple custom objects into one where the one refers to a set of characteristic whose values, while individually may constitute a custom object of its own, collectively forms a set of features that defines another object. This can be achieved effectively by creating extra field(s) to make a differentiation between different records, belonging to the same custom object.

Upgrade Salesforce Edition

Evaluate Your Needs

You should decide if your current edition is satisfactory for doing business. For problem two – this will be solved in exact same way but number of custom objects permitted will increase dramatically when moving from Professional edition to Enterprise for instance.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
It is, therefore, necessary to reflect whether the costs of upgrading outweigh the advantages that will come from having more control over the level of customization.

Buy Extra Custom Objects Ram Capacity

Contact Salesforce Support

Contact Salesforce support services to advise one on how to purchase additional spot for more custom objects. This is usually offered for Enterprise and Unlimited subscriptions to the software.

Custom Solutions

Upon your organization’s requirements, Salesforce may come up with special offers for your organization.
Some of the recommendations that should be followed are Use External Storage and Integration.

External Data Objects (EDOs)

Limit the amount of externals and save the majority of the information in Salesforce, and only use External Data Objects to access them. It can help in minimizing the instances of custom objects required within Salesforce since most associations will not require additional tables in the database.

Integration with Other Systems

Integration with other systems outside salesforce can also be used to deal with some of the data storage and processing in other systems rather than relying heavily on salesforce custom objects only.

Use Platform Events

Therefore, when you want to design specific objects only for dealing with events or messages, then consider looking at Platform Events. This can help diminish the necessity of further custom objects and offer integration capabilities in real time.

Extreme Makeover: Metal Melding Techniques


When creating a new custom object, make sure you keep a unique record for it which contains details such as its use, fields, and relationships. It assists in the management and maximizing the company’s Salesforce environment.

Naming Conventions

When creating labels for custom objects, make sure to be consistent with those labels to simplify and minimize confusion whenever possible.

Regular Reviews

Exhibit 7 A recommended approach is to review the custom objects and fields you have defined periodically and benchmark them against business requirements as well as opportunities for integration and rationalization.


In this way, you will know how to manage and maximize the density of custom objects in the Salesforce environment; that is, know how to use them as an opportunity for greater customization. Such approaches include object customization, fancying up your Salesforce edition, buying extra capacity, or using outside apps and services; all of which apply the proper strategies to remove the default restrictions and fine tune the Salesforce applications to offer a more comprehensive solution conveying to the specific needs of your organization.

By increasing the extent of customizable object Salesforce gives organizations the opportunity to create more flexible and effective value adding solutions which in turn increases organizational productivity and data management functionality.

Our goal at Tenetizer Technologies is to make sure that you fully leverage the Salesforce application. Call on us today for more information on how we can be of assistance to you on your Salesforce customization service.